How to Sing in the Mix | Full Demonstration and Performance

Have you ever tried singing in your mix? Are you not sure what it is or why it’s so important? In this very detailed video, I answer these questions and many more where the mix is concerned.

The song, “Soaked” by Adam Lambert is a perfect song to demonstrate the mix in action. It’s a great song and challenging too. I hope with this performance and with my coaching will help you find your own mix.

If you are more of a beginner or need to brush up on some other techniques mentioned in this video, I provided other videos I did on various vocal topics. Feel free to click on them below and start improving today!

Head Voice:

Vowel Modification:

Vocal Placement:


Sing Higher Notes:

Singing Through the Break:

How to Sing When You’re Sick:

I hope this video has helped you. As always, please leave questions and comments below.

– Michael

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