A Cure For Laryngitis? | Get Back Your Voice Today! | Documentary Style Remedy

Fighting Laryngitis- Can it be done? Yes! In this documentary, I show you how I contracted Laryngitis and how I beat it and you can too!

I wrote a book called, How to Sing When You Are Sick. In that book, I write about the tools and methods you can use to get your voice back in working shape for an upcoming show. I state in the very beginning of the book however, that I can’t help 2 things:

1. If you’re on your death bed and just can’t get out of bed, then no…most likely nothing can help you in time for the show.

2. Curing Laryngitis. If you have it, these methods won’t help.

Well, I had a couple of shows coming up and woke up with Laryngitis one morning. What did I do??? I used the methods in my book and tried some other aggressive things to cure myself and I did!!!

I recorded my process and documented everything along the way, including all the mistakes I made. So, my hope is that this video will not only get your voice back faster, it will also help you avoid my mistakes!

Here are the links to the products and videos I mention in the video:

Video on Black Currant Pastilles: https://youtu.be/tWECEJaI2Y0

Video on Throat Coat: https://youtu.be/OereOCrIHLs

Video on Vicks Steam Inhaler: https://youtu.be/Tb6l10Rxpb4

Video #2 on the inhaler: https://youtu.be/U80lxF7zyBw

Video on How to Sing Sick: https://youtu.be/uulkud5vrZU

Finding a cure for laryngitis may not be a sure thing, but as you’ve seen in this video, with the right products and methods, you can remedy a:

-Lost Voice

-Raspy Voice

and Fight:


-Laryngitis Symptoms

Friends, I hope you liked this video and I have helped out in some way. If you are sick, I wish you a speedy recovery and a great show! Please subscribe to my channel and share this with anyone who has laryngitis. See you next week!

Your friend in music,


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How to Sing in the Mix | Full Demonstration and Performance

Have you ever tried singing in your mix? Are you not sure what it is or why it’s so important? In this very detailed video, I answer these questions and many more where the mix is concerned.

The song, “Soaked” by Adam Lambert is a perfect song to demonstrate the mix in action. It’s a great song and challenging too. I hope with this performance and with my coaching will help you find your own mix.

If you are more of a beginner or need to brush up on some other techniques mentioned in this video, I provided other videos I did on various vocal topics. Feel free to click on them below and start improving today!

Head Voice: https://youtu.be/clI-vyuN8_0

Vowel Modification:https://youtu.be/vaCowhExaKA

Vocal Placement: https://youtu.be/m8yy7odwuK8

Vibrato: https://youtu.be/pTEnrzxvx6k

Sing Higher Notes: https://youtu.be/LR6Tp20wNm8

Singing Through the Break: https://youtu.be/W5yRM9ezReQ

How to Sing When You’re Sick: https://youtu.be/uulkud5vrZU

I hope this video has helped you. As always, please leave questions and comments below.

– Michael

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