How to Sing Like Adele | Use the Same Vocal Techniques | by Michael Mingoia Music

Adele is one of the most well recognized, pop music singers in the world! Yes, she is a fantastic singer, but she also has a very unique sound so that when you hear one of her songs on the radio, you know it’s her! In this breakdown I’ve boiled it down to her top 4 vocal techniques she uses often and then I teach you how to do them so you can use them as well. The 4 vocal techniques are…

1. Vocal Twitch

2. Vowel Modification:

3. Vocal Placement:

4. Sing Through Break:

I touched on half-step vibrato in this video. What is it? Check it out here in the full video:

Links to Adele songs that use these techniques:

Hello –

Set Fire to the Rain –

To Make You Feel My Love –

When We Were Young –

Turning Tables –

Someone Like You –

If you still have questions after you watched this video and the additional videos that I provided links for, please ask them. I generally respond within 24 hours. I am here to help.

I would love your feedback. Is there anything I missed or you would like to add to the main list of 4 I describe in this video?

Thanks so much for watching. I will see you all next week!

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