Long Island Talent Album 2017 Promo Trailer

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This album is a dual disc CD with 23 amazing tracks! A portion of the proceeds go back into the Long Island music program, so thank you in advance for your purchase.

I’d like to thank Dan Welsch, Chris Slater, Chris Schmidt, Chris Trentacosta (pretty much anyone named, Chris), and Patrick Sherrard. If you are a singer/songwriter, musician or anyone in need of a high quality recording, you have to check out Suffolk Recording Studio’s. Click link below to check out their site. Tell them Michael sent ya 😉


Thank you to all the singers for putting your talent on display, to the parents for all your trust, and to the additional, talented musicians especially, Chris Schmidt (played guitar on Sweet Dreams) and Chris Trentacosta (played guitar on Give Me Love).

Additional Singers not featured in this video but on all over the album: Taylor Carpenzano, Gillian Gold, Kaitlyn Poli, Emma Jane, and Maddy Colombo.

See you all next week!


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