Cory Monteith and Michael Mingoia Duet | Losing My Religion Cover | Finn Hudson Tribute

The week that this video goes live will mark the 4 year anniversary of Cory’s passing. I always like to celebrate his work and him as a person. I hope you all enjoy this year’s tribute music video.

Unlike, the past music video’s I did, this year I am not playing Finn as a character. Instead, Finn is in the video with me.

As Cory fans, we all miss him deeply. I wish I met him. In the past tribute videos, some fans got upset that I created tribute music videos. I never want to offend fellow fans. That is never my intention. We all express his loss differently. This is my way. I hope you enjoy.

It was very difficult to play with the audio mix – extracting Cory’s voice at some points while I sang lead. My favorite thing to do was to sing harmony with him. All the voices on the track and in this video is Cory’s or mine.

If anyone is interested in how I was able to record with him or is curious about the challenges that arose during the creation process, comment below or message me. I’ll happily explain.

A huge thanks to Doug and Sherry Kretch and the entire parish at Center Moriches United Methodist Church. And a special thanks to Patrick Sherrard, from Echo Light Productions, who helped me make this video the best it could be.

R.I.P. Cory…


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