How to Play Dominant 7 Chords

Hello all my fellow musician friends. This week we dive into a bit of music theory (EASY, I swear) and learn how to play 7 chords.

If you missed the video I did on Major 7 Chords, click below:
How to Play Major 7 chords

If you’re an absolute beginner and starting from scratch, check out these videos I did below to help you learn very quickly and easily:

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So, music theory confuses you? You’re not alone. If you have struggled with this, you’re in the right place. So many beginner and intermediate musicians struggle with music theory and how it applies to their instrument because of how it is taught.

We now know there are two ways MOST students learn. In this video, I teach you the alternative method.

After watching this video you will not only know how to play Dominant 7 chords, you will know the when you can play them and the difference between playing Major 7 chords and Dominant 7 chords.

Thanks for watching! Leave any questions or tips below. I love getting feedback and to help!

Until next week,


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