Vibrato: When and How to Use It

Vibrato – what is it and how can we leverage it as singers?

In this video, I cover all areas of vibrato. There are 3 types a singer can use: Diaphragm, 1/2 step, and Machine Gun. Do you have to learn all 3? No, but if you do, it will absolutely make you a more versatile singer.

Vibrato gives movement and emotion to a melody. I would hope you’re using at least one of the 3. However, just because a singer has a great vibrato, it doesn’t always mean he/she should use it 100% of the time.

In this video I also cover when you shouldn’t use it. The great thing about vibrato (concerning style) is that rules are made to be broken. Some of the topics on vibrato I cover in this video are purely opinion. You can choose what you like to show off your style and your voice.

Have another method on how you use vibrato? I’d love to learn about it. Leave a comment below.

If you have more questions on vibrato, please leave it below as well. I am here to help. If I can’t answer your questions through commenting, I am available for one on one and group lessons.

Thank you so much for watching. I will see you next week!


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