Hitting High Notes

How do you extend your range? How do you hit the high notes in a particular song? As singers,we can all increase our range with consistent practice and training the correct way. If you have been singing a particular note with strain or cracking, try using less air as described in my video.

If you’ve taken lessons before, this might sound backwards. I was originally taught to push more, use more air, the diaphram, and energy when I was first taking lessons. While this method works for some people, other people wind up hurting themselves.

A good way to practice hitting high notes using less force, is to either start in your falsetto or your head voice and gently give it more energy. The reverse works too if you want to try it that way. I show you the latter method in the video. You will teach your voice to stay ‘connected’ in your full voice/head voice transitions and eventually will become very natural.

I hope this video helped you. Please feel free to comment or ask any additional questions you may have below.